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Geolocalisation on mobile devices : OSMAND

Mobile geolocalization suffers from three dependencies :

- your dependency to your phone network (what to do when there is no signal ?)
- your dependency to map providers or software providers (you have to pay for each updates, your maps are only for a given zone, the map is not sufficiently detailed ...)
- the problem of the different use cases : GPS car guiding? speed cameras ? walking in the city ? in the mountains ? on the sea ? in a plane ?

To my knowledge, there is a unique software which let you free from all these dependencies : OSMAND (for Android smartphones) with OpenStreetMaps.

- Map source : Openstreetmap, that you can download for offline use : maps + POI (Point Of Interests like speed camera positions, gas stations, campsites, ...)
- Shortest paths calculation (car, bike, pedestrian)
- GPS car navigation
- elevation lines with 20 meters accuracy, useful in the mountains

But the configuration and use is still not very intuitive:
You need 4 steps :

+Download offlines maps (Settings > Offline data (Download) ).
Remarque: maps from openstreetmap are often extremely detailed (even building contours are often present), so the files are huge.

+Download contour lines (Settings > Offline data (Download) - prendre les fichiers "srtm elevation contour lines" )

They will appear when you zoom sufficiently on maps.

+Set up the shortest path navigation to "offline" : Settings > Navigation > (select the mode: car/bike/pedestrian) > Navigation service, then select "Osmand (offline)". You habe to do it for the 3 modes (car/bike/pedestrian)

+Set up the offline mode for maps : Layers > Map Source > Offline Vector maps (Beware, offline navigation only works for short paths for now (20-50 km). If you need to calculate long itineraries, set it back to "cloudmade" mode. (you will need an internet connection in order to calculate these itineraries)

There are 3 versions of the software, the first two are readily available in the Android app manager:
OSMAND Free, where the number of offlne map downloads is limited
OSMAND+, for a small fee which supports the developers and osmand website
It is also possible to install the full version for free, by downloading the osmand.apk package from the web

That’s it, you do not need a connection to a 3G network anymore to find your position on the map. You know where you are in the mountains, or abroad.

This system is completely free: data are free (Openstreetmap licence is Open Data ODBL) and the software is free (OSMAND is an opensource GNU software GNU).
You do not have to pay to update your system anymore.

Finally, you can use it for all kind of usages anywhere on earth.