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Graphical integration with your website

Professional graphics are essential in order to present your statistics.

Our statistical competences encompass web technologies. We can help you to integrate the best javascript libraries to present your results on your website.

We can implement technologies such as Google Charts, jqPlot, D3 and jQuery.

Graphs are interactive and can use your databases and thus reflect the daily evolution of the indicators that you would like to present.

We demonstrate here a few examples. Rollover the graphs with the mouse in order to see the values.


Example of a treemap with D3 library
click or option-click to descend or ascend




Treemap : rectangle sizes are proportional to the value of the turnover and the color indicates an increase or a decrease (and you can click on any component in order to see sub-components)


Geographical data


Pie chart


Follow the evolution of the sales/expenses for 3 different medicines

Market timeseries, made with jqPlot


Open-High-Low-Close timeseries, with jqPlot


You have the possibility to zoom on the following graph (and a ’Reset’ button)


Bar Chart example with jqPlot