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R and MATLAB professional conferences and courses

We give courses for your users, in your organization.

The courses may covers :

- installation, package use, the big concepts of statistics: histograms, frequencies, outliers, linear regressions, making professional graphs, data export/import to Excel or databases, programming new functions and macros, etc.

The courses are not pre-defined: they can be oriented in order to better cover your specific needs.

It is possible to set up practical sessions for your users (We would need you to plan a sufficient number of computers, with internet access).

The courses can be in French, English or German.

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Profil of our consultants


10 years of professional experience in IT and statistics
R and MATLAB integration
Specialist in the statistics and quantitative finance
Former teacher in Applied Mathematics
Education: Engineer from Ecole Centrale Paris (a top tier nationwide school of the french education system) + Masters degree in Applied Statistics



PhD in Computer Science, Signal and image processing, Numerical methods from University of Innsbruck, Austria
Senior quantitative researcher in several insurance/funds
Other areas of expertise: Computer vision, pattern recognition and machine learning,Optimization, GIS: Digitalization and post-processing of cadastral maps
* Science award of the Tyrolean Federal Economic Chamber 2010
* Sponsorship award of the federal state of Tyrol for science 2005
* Third rank in the CAST IT Business Award 2005