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Projects, statistical studies

You wish to interface your existing softwares (Java, C/C++, etc) or databases (SQLServer, Oracle, SAS) with the statistical functions in R.

You have a to process a huge amount of data and need a high performance design (Rserver clusters, MPICH2, OpenMpi).

You have an e-commerce website and you wish to put in place statistical tools to analyze it, in order to better know your clients and their behaviour on your site.

You want to construct dashboard in order to better follow the activities of your company (orders, clients, invoices, etc).

You need to integrate R with existing softwares : SQL / Java / Rserve ...

We can help you define your needs, specify them, and realize them (on small projects) or advise/follow the development process on bigger projects.


Possible studies:

Examples of studies with R:

- Analyses of consumer behaviour

- Marketing (consumer preference, impact)

- Profitability (What are the products which makes my revenue, at what price, what are the profiles of my customer)

- Seasonal component calculation (You need to better evaluate your production cycles / revenues / stocks throughout the year)

- Quantitative computations (risk, VaR, models)

- Socioeconomics studies

- Webanalytics (Amazon-like technologies)

- Biostatistics (BioConductor package)

- Your projects! We will adapt to your data, there are no pre-defined methodology. If you have identified a field where we can help, please let us know and we will evaluate and realize your study.